Top 5 Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH) Technical Analysis Report 27th July

Once again I have come, after analyzing the top 5 cryptocurrency’s price prediction analytics, this graphical analysis will give you accuracy.
Through this, you can make profitable trade of bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, bitcoin cash.

Now, let's start…

Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis Report 27th, July to 2nd, Aug.

Bitcoin Graphical Analysis Report

BTC rocket ship to the upside targets which we have mentioned in the last week's analysis report and it did outperform by breaching into the 10k territory.

Here the scenarios which are possible from here:

a. If BTC breaks the 10,500$ region in the weekly candle then it will likely go into the 11600$-11700$ region before coming back to some buy zones

b. If break did not break the 10,500$ barrier, then we are most likely to come back and retest the 3 possible zones from there i.e. 9600$, 9000$ and even 8600$ is also possible.

Kudos to everyone who followed the principles and took the call.

Pro Tip: Do not place more than 20% of your lot size at each buying zone, that way you are saving your fund for the worst-case scenario if occur.

Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis Report 27th, July to 2nd, Aug.

Ethereum Graphical Analysis Report

ETH did out-per perform BTC in terms of % gains as it also breaks the major resistance and breaching into the 360–365$ region territory.

From there we will have 2 scenarios:

a. If ETH didn’t break the 360$ region, it will come back to retest the last major resistance which now acts as support at around 280–290$ region and 260$ region.

b. If ETH break the 360$ region then it will break into 450s $ category and then it will come back to the stated regions

Predicted this move 1 week in advance. If you follow you will be in good profits.

Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis Report 27th, July to 2nd, Aug.

Ripple Graphical Analysis Report

Last week's target precisely hit for the XRP as well, if BTC did breach the 10,500$ barrier XRP will also reach the 25–30 cents region.

XRP looks very bullish for the long term HOLDERS, the profit-taking region will be around 0.28–0.30$.


Litecoin (LTC) Technical Analysis Report 27th, July to 2nd, Aug.

LTC retest perfectly with the zones I had given you last week.

But I still believe it will go higher into the 60$ region territory and even 70$ region territory as well, before coming back to some buying zones.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis Report 27th, July to 2nd, Aug.

Bitcoin Cash Graphical Analysis Report

BCH also reaches the target given in the last week's report and the next major zones for the BCH will be around 300–350$ regions in case of market outperforms and from there we will recalculate the next potential buy zones for the BCH.


Just Trade Now

NOTE: DO not spend more than 20% at each potential zone.

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