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Nowadays Blockchain course is a most demanding professional course in India, which day by day making the student future better, Ednerds take a step ahead and giving online free blockchain webinars for all students and professionals.

Learn Blockchain with free ednerds webinar

So in today’s time, it is must important to learn blockchain if you want to take a highly paid salary job because now the company is looking for someone who knows blockchain.

know about the webinar in little world

The word ‘ webinar’ is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. A webinar is an event held on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. This distinguishes it from a webcast, which also includes the presence of a physical audience. Other terms used as alternatives for webinar are blockchain web events, online blockchain seminars, blockchain webcasts, web lectures, and virtual events.

Blockchain Webinar Report 2019 In India

According to the Blockchain webinar report 2019 in India, Blockchain technology promises to transform economies and change the way enterprises and governments work. But how much of this is hype and how much is actually happening on the ground?
Over 50 countries are working actively to develop blockchain standards and a conducive regulatory framework to integrate blockchain into their economies. Even in India, a traditionally tech-cautious country, 50% of state governments are investigating blockchain-driven citizen service use cases and initiating projects that are delivered by both large providers and start-ups. Clearly, the wind is blowing in blockchain’s favour globally and in India.

This webinar will bring out the insights from over 50 stakeholder interviews across the global and Indian blockchain value chain, and will help digital leaders cut through the hype and understand the actual trends in this space. Attendees will develop a better understanding of what the roadmap for blockchain looks like and what different industry participants, such as enterprises, governments, regulators, service providers and startups, are doing to leverage the global and Indian blockchain related opportunities.

About Ednerds Free Blockchain Webinars in India for student and professional

In this blockchain webinars, ednerds want to learn blockchain in easy way, and the most thing is that it a totally free of cost.

  1. Ednerds offers free blockchain webinars across the world. Free blockchain webinars are designed to help you learn about Blockchain basics & how it can streamline your business and, increase productivity.
  2. We are the group of subject experts & enthusiasts who are evangelizing the Blockchain Research & Development, Use Cases, Products & Knowledge for a better & more secure world.
  3. The Blockchain technology has tons of scope in automatizing the major task where human trust is required without involving any human or a trusted third party.
  4. We together see this succeed as a collaborative effort by people who are experts in their area and are ready to share their knowledge & promoting the use cases.

What’s topics are covered in this Free ednerds webinar?

Free Blockchain webinars in India

Blockchain has been described as the next revolution in technology, but what does that mean for developers and businesses? Join Ednerds Blockchain Revolution as we review the impact of blockchain — from its benefits & key security measures to its adoption.

In this webinar, you’ll walk away with new information about one of today’s emerging trends:

– Discover why blockchain will usher in a new era of trust on the internet

– Learn how to evaluate if blockchain is suitable for your business

– Learn about exciting use cases

– Learn how you could implement it in your business & boost your career.

– And a lot more.

In this blockchain webinars, you can get so a lot of benefits, because its webinar is totally free and if you want to learn blockchain and want to get highly paid job opportunities, so you must JOIN THE FREE BLOCKCHAIN WEBINARS IN INDIA

benefits of blockchain for students and corporates


  1. Basic understanding of blockchain
  2. Get highly paid job opportunities
  3. INTEGRATED, OPEN and SECURE platform to include IoT, data sciences, artificial intelligence, DevOps, etc. and ENTERPRISE READY
  4. TAKE HOME actual use cases and examples to further Blockchain develop
  5. Network with EXPERTS from around the COUNTRY
  6. From proof of concept to execution with LOCAL RESOURCES and TEAMS
  7. White papers, documentation and USE CASES available


  1. The capabilities of the blockchain in the education space are not limited to payments and incentives, however. The security factor can be pretty useful for storing credentials. Some colleges and universities are entertaining the idea of issuing degrees through the blockchain.
  2. Blockchain technology can also be pretty useful with regards to online certifications. Since any block added to the chain must be approved by other participants, the record cannot be falsified. This prevents people from creating fake certifications to say that they passed or excelled at a particular course. The records are also quite easily checked. The MIT Media Lab is already testing out blockchain as a means of issuing certificates. The blockchain provides an undeniable trust factor when it comes to digital degrees and certificates which wasn’t available before.
  3. Blockchain technology represents a major part of human innovation and existence. We have only begun to scratch the service of what it can do for the advancement of society. Whole industries will be transformed, and the online education sector will be no different as blockchain provides added security and incentives in the sector.
  4. Implement Blockchain easily in your system(Blockchain as a tool Platform)
  5. Learn how to use SimplyBlock blockchain as a service Platform(BaaS)
  6. Token issuance, data storage trail, and Smart Contract Ninza on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Blockchain.


Ednerds aims to educate the concepts of blockchain and nurture new talent in blockchain programming right from an undergraduate student to a highly skilled professional so as to develop the future community on future-oriented technology and build a strong foundation of better tomorrow.

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