Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency in India Directly With your bank account — After RBI Banned

Nowadays, In India going to Loksabha election 2019 so all SC(supreme court) decision has been pending, In this day’s cryptocurrency legacy decision also pending, all crypto lovers wait for, Where can I buy/sell cryptocurrency in India directly with a bank account? where can I deposit and withdraw my money (INR) in India? How can I buy bitcoin after RBI Banned cryptocurrency in India?

so many questions going on in all crypto lovers in India… just chill guys… here I’ll answer your all question in short.

History of cryptocurrency in India from the beginning so far.

cryptocurrency is a world currency, it also called a digital currency, all development country stand on crypto like U.S.A, Japan, Germany, U.K, Australia, France, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, Argentina, UAE, Bahrain, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Hongkong.

you can see this economic status of these developed countries economies in $ trillions is also very strong.
USA: 20.4 +ve, China: 14 +ve, Japan: 5.1 +ve, Germany: 4.2 +ve, UK: 2.94 +ve, France: 2.93 +ve, India:2.85 -VE, Italy: 2.18 +ve, Brazil: 2.14 + ve, Canada: 1.8 +ve, on crypto but Indian economy negative on crypto.

cryptocurrency in India, if we look back the past 5 years since the first launch of Bitcoin in India, we may find that the government held an elusive attitude toward cryptos and there is a strong correlation between the policy and the situation that the currency is in.

Then this article contributes to draft a timeline of the industries’ development related to policies.

It was in 2013 that Bitcoin first aroused a big heat in India Through ( India’s first 30+ cryptocurrency in India), with people from all social classes entered the market and made instant transactions or even speculate on it. However, 2013 was also the year for people to started to develop the technology and the industry. The authority at that time initially took an off-hand measure, then they released a post at the year-end of 2013, warning the use of cryptocurrency which may incur risks and danger, but no official regulatory policy was introduced.

As India is country where a large number of people, nearly 21%, who don’t have accounts at any banks but still have needs to transfer money, for international remittance contributed a large part of national economies, the coins and the technology performed well to provide instant and low-cost services to the public.

The token even became an alternative to Rupee when the government announced to demonetize 80% of currency in circulation. Then the government in those years was nice to cryptos and the technology behind it. They invested project to further develop the technology and gave support to the tokens, which actually made the public and the people in the know though that the government was going to legalize cryptos.

But things didn’t work out the way they wanted.

2017 was a turning point for the development of the industry: we started to hear about news reporting upcoming severe regulations on the crypto market and saw instant fluctuation in terms of token value and trading volume as the trend went negative. Actually, the rumors to introduce stricter regulation and the poor performance of the market, driving the price down significantly. According to some data.coms, the price of Bitcoin plunge from its highest level, nearly $ 1,0000, to a currently much lower price range of $6500-$6700.

Now I’ll come to your question’s, where can I buy cryptocurrency in India after RBI banned?

It seems it is difficult to ban when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This is because, despite being banned from dealing with banks, a few exchanges have found a new way to buy or sell digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, in India. BuyUcoin, Koinex, and unocoin have reportedly launched peer-to-peer platforms for trading in digital currencies using Indian rupees.

But buyucoin took one step further for buyucoin users and more crypto lover’s in India or world, BuyUcoin OTC ( over the counter) cryptocurrency trading desk. Now, all crypto lovers can buy/sell cryptocurrency and deposit and withdrawal INR, directly with the bank account. so why are you waiting just buy bitcoin and all 30+ cryptocurrency directly with your bank account ease.

buyucoin OTC

buy/sell cryptocurrency at 0% fee directly with your bank account in INR after RBI banned.

Now BuyUcoin giving easier to buy and sell cryptocurrency in India directly with your bank account at 0% fee, its a golden chance for you to buy a bitcoin directly through your bank account because in little days all cryptocurrency going to high value, it may give you much profit in Future.

In nowadays you can buy 30+ cryptocurrency directly with your bank account at 0% free from buyucoin. buyucoin provide these coins for buy and sell directly with your bank account.

Here are these coins available in India directly with your bank account at 0% fee…




































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